Need Further Help?

If you can’t find the answer to your question, then please send us an email at and we’ll get back to you in 48 hours.

About Exam Ready

What is Exam Ready’s relationship to IELTS?

Exam Ready has no relationship with Cambridge ESOL, the developers of IELTS, but the markers have taught IELTS for many years in schools in the UK. Exam Ready was also written by IELTS book authors and trialled with IELTS students in the UK.

Who is Exam Ready?

Exam Ready is designed and managed by Target English, a UK company which specialises in academic English and exam preparation. Markers are English teachers who have many years’ experience teaching IELTS.

Taking the Test

Can I only buy one test at a time?

Yes. Exam Ready is a single test, so although you can do it more than once, it will be the same test. If you are an institution looking to buy a batch of Exam Ready tests, email us on and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

Why do I need to print out my work and write it?

We ask for work printed, written and scanned because IELTS is a written test and we need to check your handwriting and spelling for any problems. It also means that you can‘t use spell check.

Why do I have to follow the test time and not get help from another person?

It is important that you do the exam under exam conditions. If you cheat or give yourself extra time, then your feedback and level suggestions will not be accurate.

Results and Feedback

How do I submit my answer sheets?

You need to submit your answer sheets on the website (submit my results). Your answer sheets need to be readable (if we can’t read them, we will ask you to scan and send them again, which will delay the process). Your total file size must be under 10Mb. Please note: We DO NOT accept posted or emailed answer sheets.

Will I get an IELTS score?

We don’t give you an IELTS score, but we will give you a suggested range e.g. 6.0-7.0. This will give you an idea of the score you might get in the real test.

What can I do with my feedback?

The feedback is to help you choose what areas you need to focus on. There are plenty of books which can help you to improve your English – the feedback will tell you specifically what areas you need to practise. If you are thinking of taking a course in English, you can talk to one of our specially trained advisors about courses that can best suit your needs based on your feedback.

Can I use this result as proof of my English level?

No. This test is designed to be a diagnostic test. You cannot use it as proof of level. You should use a test certified by the relevant countries/institutions to show your level.

Will I definitely improve after taking Exam Ready?

Your improvement depends on you. You will get feedback to help you focus on the areas you need to, but you will need to do the study after that. Because of this, we cannot guarantee improvement.

When will I get my feedback?

You will get your feedback within 10 days of completing the speaking test and submitting your answers (whichever is done last).

Will you find all my mistakes?

We will not put all your mistakes on the feedback. We look for the key areas of strength and weakness only.

Will I get my marked papers back?

No. You will only receive the feedback form and your general level outcomes.

Technical Areas

What do I need to take the test?

To take the test, you will need a scanner (you can sometimes do this on your phone), and a printer. If you’re doing the speaking test, you’ll need a phone or Skype. Oh, and you’ll also need a pen!

How do I scan my work?

There are lots of ways to scan. If you have an Android phone or iPhone, there are lots of apps that scan to pdf. There are also lots of scan to pdf programmes available if you have a scanner and a computer.

What do I scan and send back?

Only your answer papers. That’s 1 sheet for listening. 1 sheet for reading and 2 or 3 for your writing. Don’t send back the question paper!